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        Valuable tools to help you start and run a Pranic Healing business.
      • American Pranic Healing Association

        A thriving community of Pranic Healers working together in a spirit of cooperation to advance Master Choa Kok Sui's Pranic Healing mission. The APHA supports its members to expand in the areas of knowledge, career and community.
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        Our database for categories.
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      • Get the Book: "The Golden Toolkit: Energy Healing as a Profession"

        Getting a copy of the book is easy. Here is the direct link to purchase the book: Please note that books are only currently available to be shipped in the USA. ...
      • About the American Pranic Healing Association

        American Pranic Healing Association (APHA) is united by the common purpose of supporting our members in all aspects of professional development, with the goal of elevating the image of Pranic Healing as a Profession. We welcome Pranic Healers from ...
      • About Business Development Accelerator

        Business Development Accelerator trains Pranic Healers to be more skillful, competent and confident professionals. We are an integral part of the Pranic Healing as a Profession Movement. Our vision is that Pranic Healing is a recognized profession ...
      • What are the eligibility criteria or requirements for APHA membership?

        Membership is currently open to: United States Residents (regardless of citizenship status); or United States Citizens living abroad. AND must have completed one of the following prerequisite courses: MCKS Basic Pranic Healing Level I Course; or MCKS ...
      • When does my membership expire?

        All memberships are on a rolling annual renewal basis. Your membership expires a year from the date you join.

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